Glamour Girl is an 80s concept album that also has futuristic and modern day tones. Glamour Girl was recorded over the span of two years at a variety of studio locations. Glamour Girl has huge influences ranging from Prince, MJ(Hypnotized, Chaser, Your Place) to Kevin Harris and Zedd (One, Stupid Cupid) to Chris Brown and John Legend (Open Letter, Wide Open). Be sure to spread the word about this amazing body of work.
       Embrace the diverse sounds of the brand new LP from Sam Harmonix featuring production from So Flawless (Glamour Girl, Open Letter, One, Unconditional, Baby, Don't Wanna Dance and Stupid Cupid), Charles "CC" Carrington (Chaser and Hypnotized), production duo Gallantry Productions (Wide Open and Always Be There), Robert Casey (Your Place) and Sam Harmonix himself (Just A Friend, and President)

Click the soundcloud link below to take a listen.